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Links to Our Favorites

Jo O’Connell has a wonderful nursery in Ventura, CA where you can purchase interesting and amazing plants native to Australia (some of these are the plants which grow some of the pods we use in our windchimes!) Visit her website to order on line and learn about the wonderful flora of Australia. We have grown some lovely banksias, from Jo’s nursery, right here in the Pacific Northwest. If you are in Ventura, call ahead to arrange a delightful visit to the nursery. You may see some of our chimes while you are there.

Paul is one of our friends and one of the most interesting minds around. This definitely comes through in his varied and wonderful artwork. You’ll have a lot of fun visiting his site, viewing his work, exploring his take on things and finding his shows throughout the western states. We have several of his pieces in our home and truly enjoy them every day.

Marvin & Margaret Jack make THE BEST wooden puzzles for kids of all ages. We have been friends since our children were all very young ones (they are all in their 20’s now!) We have recently purchased a name puzzle for our new granddaughter, but still have puzzles are children played with in their early years! They have made an art of their work and now make very elaborate 3-d puzzles that will challenge the best of puzzlers. We even have a puzzle hanging as artwork; they are beautiful as well as functional. You can order from their site and see all the possibilities for an artistic and personal gift.

Karen and Jonathan make the coolest metal light switch covers, outlet covers and covers for all those places that are normally covered in lifeless plastic. We are good buddies and have had great fun changing over to “Wild Metal” throughout our home. Visit their site to see an enormously varied assortment of metals, colors, designs, patinas, sizes and shapes. You can order on line for your home, and they also make great gifts. You can also view their show schedule.

Gregg and Jackie are truly our peers (as well as our friends) in that we share the love and appreciation of nature, particularly seed pods. We love getting out there and gathering the most unusual and interesting plant materials and return to our studios to create entirely different art. We have enjoyed our wreath for several years, considering it one of the best pieces of art on our walls! We encourage you to look for their new work soon – you will be amazed. Visit their site and feel like you have been in a beautiful garden out of this world. Check out their show and gallery list to see in person.

Sarah Magnusen is one of our favorite friends and artists. She creates beautiful copper fairy figures, which make great gifts for yourself and others. Some include our very own obsidian windchimes dangling from the fairies. One of my favorites is Emily Raspberry; her wings are patterned after real raspberry leaves! You can order from her website and see where she will be showing next. I own several fairies, who grace plants inside and out, and have given many as gifts over the years.

**Check back later as we add more “favorites” throughout the year.